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For women living with ADHD, life is in the brightest and most unique color patterns—just like a kaleidoscope. Our minds work differently, so it is only expected that we behave and function differently. But why do we live apologetically for something that is clearly out of our control?

Many people assume that neurotypicals are "right," but we are proof that neurodivergence does exist, and there is a different way of thinking.

Living with ADHD means that we are forced to wear a mask to fit in and act normal by repressing our true personality. Some of us never even discover our true identity and purpose because the opinion of others and self-judgment gets in the way. Not to mention, there aren’t many relatable role models that inspire us to live authentically.   

For women with ADHD, we are still expected to assume the role of caretakers and show up for family, friends, and everyone else but ourselves. It constantly throws our lives into a chaotic mess and pushes us to make some very impulsive and regrettable decisions.

We often find ourselves cleaning up the aftermath,  fixing mistakes, over-explaining, and beating ourselves up for things out of our control. We learn to believe that our way of neurodivergence is a sin and begin to mask our true identity. 

We try to act like everyone else, normal — really, nobody is normal — but we are always misunderstood in the process BY NEUROTYPICALS.

In the end, we women with ADHD often struggle with feelings of inadequacy, low self-esteem, and self-compassion.

Ferrari Brain Club (FBC) is on a mission: to empower women with ADHD with fun and simple tools,  support them wholeheartedly on their self-discovery journey, and inspire them to live out loud. 

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